We receive many letters from the families we've served, thanking us for our caring ways during their time of loss. Their words warm our hearts, and speak to you of our professionalism, compassion, and the true value of the services we provide.

We met with Norma. She was kind, considerate, and compassionate toward our needs - going above and beyond our expectations. Something rare in today’s world. She took the time to answer any questions or concerns, and made sure we were 100% satisfied. She was passionate regarding the whole process from beginning to end. I would highly recommend her to anyone!

TM May 02, 2020

Dear Time and Adam, Wow! Somehow planning Shirley's funeral so quickly seems like a blur but you made it all happen and made it happen beautifully! We are so thankful for your understanding and extra efforts to help us during such a difficult time. Blessing and Thanks,

C. and D.

Dear Norma, Dad and I would like to thank you for all your help.


My heart is full of gratitude to you for the beautiful plaque you sent commemorating my dear husband, Rick C. I will treasure it always. Thank you for that touching gift and for all the assistance you provided to our family. Sincerely,


Dear Candice, Just a note to let you know how much I appreciate your employee, Norma, for her help and kindness in taking care of me with the grave marker for my son. She is a great example of how a person should be in a position that handles such sensitive times in a person’s life. Norma was kind and did what she said she would do. She should train others to be as professional as she is. Sincerely,


Hi Norma, Thank you so much for your help. You are truly a blessing to everyone you "care for" at Sunset Memorial!


Timothy, with many thanks to you for your kindness. Thank you for helping us at this difficult time. We appreciate your thoughtfulness, and concern while helping us make the arrangements for our dear mother Elizabeth. We truly thank you for your support to make our mother's funeral so comforting.

M. & D.

Dear Tim, Candice, Chuck, and Paul, also anyone I'm forgetting - I want to thank you all for taking care of my dear mom. Candice, you made her look so beautiful. It gave me solace, to see her trat way. My husband and I were up from July 10th til the 21st and mom passed early the next morning. So, we had to come back from the wake and funeral. Your thoughtfulness and caring ways were top notch. I am so thankful she is at Sunset where I always wanted her to be. Sincerely,

P. & M.

However; you celebrate this wonderful season, hope your holidays are filled with joy and happiness! I really enjoy working with you. Happy Holidays,


Thank you for helping us at this difficult time. We appreciate your thoughtfulness and concern while helping us make the arrangements for our dear mother E. B. We truly thank you for your support to make our mother’s funeral so comforting.

M. & D. D. S.

Dear Terri & Norma, Courtney & I wanted to take breath and a moment to thank you. Your loving and expert care helped us through the most difficult days we have ever had. We appreciate beyond words how you respected our wishes and helped us send Steve out in the crazy unique LATE celebration he wanted. Bless you both. You are definitely in the right professions

A & C

Your comforting expression of sympathy will always be remembered with deep gratitude. Thank you for your help in our time of sorrow & Sunset service. Everything was perfect!

The Family of S.

Norma & Adam, Thank you so much for everything you have done for our little family and in helping make sure our little boy rests peacefully. We are so grateful for all of the time and care you have given us. Sincerely,

B. W.

Jason, Thank you for your help with our father KP.'s burial and service. We appreciate it. We look forward to working with you on other options as well. Good bless,


Good morning staff: Life is full of surprises, many of them pleasant, like the one I experienced today. Visiting Sunset Memorial to display flowers and dress up the grave site of my wife Betty M. for this Memorial Day, I was so surprised to find that it was already done, and done beautifully. I so much appreciated. What a joy, and whom ever it was perhaps you, or your staff, I wish to thank you so much. God bless you. God bless America. "Your thoughtfulness put a smile in my day!"

Roy M.

Jill- Thank you for all of your help with my mom's funeral. Everything was beautifully done. Mom would have been proud. Your sincerity and caring will never be forgotten. It was such a comfort to know that you were there for us and our family. We were lucky to have you. In addition, thank you for the beautiful service that you gave mom, dad and our family last week. We were so glad the fountains were beaming and the doves were a perfect touch. Mom would have thought that was so special. Thank you again. J, J & our family

J & J

Jill, Thank you again for meeting with me and my mom last Monday. You were so accommodating to all our questions and concerns. While we were not looking forward to it, you made the whole process a pleasant experience. You seem to be a special lady, your warmth and caring evident. It was a pleasure meeting you. C


Norma, Thank you so very much for the kindness + support you've given to our family during out time of grief. We appreciate all you've done to help us through the process. You are so sweet + we again, thank you for the thoughtfulness you've given us. Sincerly, J.G & Family

J.G + Family

Thank you, thank you , thank you for all your help, the pictures and the follow up!! I'm very pleased that you were able to get it installed before June 13th! You are wonderful! M.G


Dear Mr. Baker- A beautiful day a beautiful tribute It touched my heart What a lovely place for a memorial & a remembrance. A few simple words of praise & a quite moment of prayer. My family thanks you too for the beautiful tribute. We are all very proud. Thank you so much. Sincerely, D.G


Dear Valerie, Thanks so much for your patience and understanding. You took a difficult situation and you made it simple and easy. We do so appreciate how you generously shared your time with us. I know we made the right decision and look forward to working with you as we progress toward the completion of our arrangements. We love you In peace and joy


Jason, Thank you for taking the time with us last evening. I know we were a challenge for maintaining focus. Like many, we had been planning to take the step of pre-planning, but had just not taken the plunge. I think for me, I was just afraid of the cost. Well, surprisingly, I did not have the sticker shock that I had anticipated. I think the payment option took some of the sting out of it. For some reason, out of ignorance I suppose, it just didn't occur to me that you folks would take payments. Go figure! Gratefully, J.S


Dear Rebecca, Thank you so much for getting my heart back, I really really appreciate it! You are wonderful. R.M.


Dear Sir: Andy helped us in mid-Feb to bury our mother, L.C. Andy was great, absolutely perfect in every way. He especially ensured everyone was safe when we moved the ceremony to inside. J.S.


This is a long-overdue note. One day last Fall, I dropped into your facility. I was greeted by and spent a great deal of time with a young man, Jason Brayton. I explained I had already made plans for my wake/memorial Mass/cremation. I told him I was there to get information about a burial plot. He was totally professional, knowledgeable and kind. He took me to view different areas where my remains could either be buried or placed above ground. I told him I had to have 'the conversation' with my only child and let her know of my wishes re cremation and I would then call him. Life dealt our family a huge blow in the form of a suicide of a young family member a couple of weeks later. In the aftermath of the death, my extended family learned that I didn't have a plot and I was given one. In the meantime, your representative, Jason Brayton periodically called and left nicely worded messages and also he wrote a nice letter. I finally stopped being impolite and called and told him about my changed circumstances. He was gracious and understanding. I have told so very many of my friends about this VERY POSITIVE experience and hope that this will influence people to think of your facilities in their times of need. Sincerely, S.S


Gentleman - I am writing to you on behalf of my brother and I to give you our appreciation and thanks. Our parents, E. and G.C., are buried in Lawn F Space A, Crypt 174. Since neither my brother nor I live in the Cleveland area, we usually only visit our parents grace twice a year - before Memorial Day and before Christmas. When we visited this last Memorial Day, it was shortly after heavy rains had gone through your area. Our parents marker was completely in the mud. A nice young man helped us scrape the mud and make it as presentable as possible under the circumstances. Last week, we made our Christmas visit and we were pleasantly surprised and pleased to find all the markers in the area had been raised and leveled. In addition, the whole area had been re-seeded. We are relieved to know that you continue to uphold your excellent standards for maintaining our parents final resting place.


Dear Mr. Bokas: This is a letter of sincere appreciation for all you and your staff did to help in the final arrangements for R.B. R. was the young man who passed away from an overdose. He was without funds and family did not plan to claim his body by ensuring R. would end up away from home in a mass grave. I contacted Dostal Bokas Funeral Services to enquirer how much it would cost to have R. cared for and buried at Sunset Memorial. I spoke with Jill Serrano and explained the situation. She said she would get back with me after speaking with you. She told me of your various generous offer for helping out. I felt a great weight lift right off my shoulders after speaking with her. She was awesome! I came in to meet Jill and speak with Terri Trombino about what you were willing to provide for R. Both women were compassionate, professional and easy to talk to. They walked me through what would happen and when. They helped me with decisions that needed to be made. As complications arose, they handled them with extreme patience and professionalism. The service for R. was exactly what I'd hoped for. I want you to know how grateful I am for all your assistance. I truly couldn't have done it without your very generous support. When prayers are said around our Thanksgiving table this year, you and all your staff will certainly be included in mine.


Dear Mr. John Bokais & Mr. Bryn Bracaski, We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the funeral services provided this past weekend honoring the recently deceased J.F.. My family would like to express our sincere gratitude towards the Funeral Director, Rebecca Mahall, and the rest of the Sunset Staff. Ms. Mahall was extremely attentive to any family request and was dedicated in providing a warm professional atmosphere during this difficult time. Sunset should be proud of their dedicated employees such as Ms. Mahall and the service they provide while enhancing the reputation of Sunset Memorial Foundation. Once again we thank Ms. Mahall and the Sunset staff.


Hello. On Sept. 4th I was visiting my wife and father to put flowers and to see how there sites were doing. After I had seen my father I went to see my wife. For a couple of years now her stone has been tilting. While I was there I flagged down one of your trucks to let someone know about my concerns. A young man came over and I explained what was wrong, he went to his truck brought some shovels and topsoil and righted the stone as well as put some dirt around to secure it.I was so touched by his concern, kindness and how polite he was that I called the office and talked to Barbara, to let someone know. I told my children and family of my experience.This young man as well as your staff are to be congratulated. thankyou


Dear Sandy - We have shared two very important events in my life. First our clinicals in Albany - then the sudden and very sad passing of my husband. You have been so very kind and attentive in regards to your headstone. I thank you so very much for your kindness.


Thank you for all your help and understanding


Through you, God has shown his goodness. You're a blessing. Thank you Norma! We love you


Mr. Bokas - You had a wonderful idea to pay tribute to our veterans. Thank you for making it happen. The flag ceremony was beautiful and our veterans would be pleased. I know I was and my family as well. Thank you so much.


Dear Jim - Thank you for meeting with my sister, S. and I regarding a marker for my brother W.P. Your phone on Thursday stating that you put a temporary marker on his site made my day! And Chief W. was the icing on the cake!! As soon as I get an answer from my niece and nephew I will be in touch. Thank you for your kindness.


We want to thank you for all your assistance as we prepared for Mom's funeral on March 11, 2013. From the time you worked with Greg at Harpers Funeral home in New Haven, IN, throughout the funeral itself and the interment after, we were treated most graciously. We especially appreciate the professionalism shown by Eric Becker and Sandra Bach - for Eric with the help before and during the funeral and for Sandra guiding us through the interment as well as sitting down with us to get through planning guide for our own funeral.

R & L Francis

John - Many thanks for your time and attention to detail on Friday for I.M.'s interment at Sunset. Your team is very professional and your kindness to our family was much appreciated.


Dear Mr. Bokas, On Saturday, the P. Family attended a funeral service for their mother, T.S.P., at your facility. Our family would like to express our deep and sincere appreciation to all of the staff members present. From the moment we arrived at your facility, we sensed an incredible amount of care, sensitivity and professionalism extended to all of us. The room where the service was help was exquisitely prepared. It was evident to all of us that a lot of care and attention to detail went into its preparation. From the DVD video to the positioning of the pictures, everything was just perfectly orchestrated. Everyone attending the service was impressed with the beautifully displayed graphic positioned in the casket. It was so touching to all of us and very much appreciated by the family. Another very touching addition, near the end of the service was the releasing of the doves. The meaning and symbolism deeply felt by all in attendance was so heart-felt. Our family would appreciate you taking a moment of your valuable time to personally thank each of the Staff Members working that day. They orchestrated a touching and very, very well done service. As all of us are presently recovering from the loss of our mother, we will continue to remember the incredible amount of care, sensitivity and professionalism displayed by your staff members. Thank you so much! In closing, we would “highly recommend” Sunset Memorial Park to anyone in need of funeral services in the future… Sincerely,

The P Family

John, Jeff, Jan, Paul and the entire Dostal Bokas Funeral Services Team, A special word of “thanks” to each of you for the awesome “goodie” basket, kind words, gestures and support during our recent loss. Your professionalism, attention to detail and empathy helped make a difficult process so much easier. We all thank each of you.

B., S., D., and K.B.

Dear Norma, Thank you for all your help. You have gone out of your way to help me. You deserve "special" recognition for being an outstanding and kind worker for Sunset. I am amazed how thorough, considerate and hardworking you are. You are a benefit to Sunset and its customers. Eternally Grateful & Thankful,


Dear Sue, Wes and I would like to thank you for making our purchase of a space in the Abbey Cremation Trail such a positive experience, yesterday. We weren't sure what to expect, but you made what could have been an awkward, uncomfortable conversation very relaxed, and comfortable. We appreciated your explanations of all our options. Your answers to our questions were honest and easy to understand. It's clear that you enjoy your work and your personable patience makes you an excellent representative of Sunset Memorial Park. Although we aren't anxious to move into our final condo, it is a great comfort to know that a beautiful place in a natural setting is waiting for us. Best wishes to you in your career, and the work of making your house in Grafton into a home. Sincerely,

G. & W. H.

Thank you so much, Norma for all of your time that you have spent helping me and for all of your emotional support! I feel blessed knowing you! Take care!


Thanks for taking care of my grandparents marker, that means a great deal to me. I want to attend the Christmas program, Dec 2nd, will stop by & say Hi.


Dear Norma, Thank you so much for being there for us on the passing of our dear loved one. Your kindness, helpfulness, and compassion will always be remembered. May God bless!


Norma, Thanks for all your help with getting my sister, Lynne, laid to rest. You made sure all the details were taken cared of. You were very caring and sympathetic. Thanks,

M. & J.

Dear Edward, Thy family and I wish to thank you and the staff at Sunset for agreeing with our request to change the name plate on the niche of Tamas L. It was so important for the name to be consistent with all the Hungarians at the beautiful Mag you Wall. Our experience at Sunset has seen nothing but positive and we recognize the respect, sensibility, and caring provided. Sincerely,


Tim, Many thanks again for picking me up for the trip to the cemetery and for showing me around the grounds. I will contact my brother about the empty grave plot. Liked the way the memorial plaque turned out. See you at the dedication ceremony.


Dear Ron and Everyone at Sunset Memorial Park, Thank you all for your kindness and help this past week. Your caring in my time of sadness was truly appreciated. Gratefully,


Dear Andy: Best Regards from B., R., and A. D. Thank you so much for all the fine work you did for us for the benefit of A. & B-D. D. Merry Christmas!


Gina, a special note of thanks....straight from my heart. Thank you for all your help and beautiful service for my mom. God Bless,


We would like to thank you, Norma, for your kindness and sensitivity to our loss. We feel that Sunset Memorial Park is a beautiful place with kind people, and we will always remember how well we were treated by both you and Candice Bertemes.


Norma, We deeply appreciate your kind expression of sympathy in our time of sorrow. Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you for your kind & caring support. We appreciate your help in honoring his memory in the best possible way. Thank you,


Dear Norma C., Thank you for your guidance in selecting my husband's marker. I was considering classic brown, as it was my father's choice for his. Sincerely wanted a more classic look; you suggested Cannes Laurel and Aztec with Chancery Letter style. Needless to say, I visited the day after your call, and the finished product is just perfect! I'm happy. Again, thanks.


Dear Barb, This note is long overdue, but i want to thank you for the condolences you extended during the difficult time of my beloved J's passing. It was because of him that we met with you. After my mothers death in 2010, he made the decision we should start planning ahead. Although it was a numbing time for me and still is, the decision making process was easier. And thank you again for resolving the issue of the niche plaque so quickly. Sincerely, D.C


Jill- We can not thank you enough for all of your help coordinating services for our loved one. You are a blessing in your profession. Your patience and kind nature truly made a very difficuly time just that much easier. We are deeply grateful! Warmest Regards M + J + J.D

M + J + J.D

Norma, Thank you sounds so insignificant of words to describe all you have done for us. The loss of our son has been overwhelming to say the least. Our family will never be the same, but in time we will honor him + move forward, remember him & his remarkable life. He was a great person! You & you alone made navigating funeral arrangements possible. ou & the team took great care of our family. all the little extra touches meant so much. I now know why you are so good at your job. You provide comfort when no comfort can be found. Sunset & your families are lucky to have you at there side. I appreciate your time & friendship: you have provided us with a rock to lean on. Thank you for taking such great care of our son & spending time with him when we were not there. I trusted you with my most precious son & you took great care of him. In my lifetime I will never be able to repay you for what you helped us get thru. we would not have navigated & survived this nightmare without your guidance & support. All our love & gratitude - The R Family

The R. Family

Norma, You walked with J & I thought some trying times with kindness and caring. Thank you for all the time you spent to make J's wishes met and such a lovely service, I was touched. God bless you dear. S.K


Dear Bob, Thank you for your kindness and compassion during an unexpected and difficult time. You enfolded us in your warmth, understanding and gentle heart as we walked through all the decisions that needed to me made. I especially send a heartfelt thank you for making this experience something i can remember with easing the pain of loss and being comforted in knowing i made the right decisions. God Bless You, J.M & Family


Dear Rebeca - Thank you or meeting Louise and me on Saturday April 25th. For being there with the "urn." The printing of the urn and the urn itself is beautiful. I', pleased with it and all your effort.


Norma, I know this is an unfortunate way to meet but we wanted to let you know it was a pleasure working with you and you made it much less stressful time for all of us

B.W + R & C.S

Dear Rebecca, From our hearts, we want to thank you for your kindness, giving spirit, compassion and gentle support during a time that is so painful for families. You have a special way of connecting that makes a difference. Your human heart helped heal ours. We are so sorry for the loss of your uncle. We will never forget your presence throughout our journey . We know A is in a better place. Just thinking about your kindness brings a smile to my face. thank you so much.


Dear Barbara, Today marks exactly one year since my mothers passing. Having had mom's funeral arrangements pre planned was such a blessing for our family. This brief note is to again state how pleased we have been for the Sunset Memorial staff and the contacts we had right after mom's passing and since that time. Appreciatively, J.P.

L. & J.P.

I visited my family's graves on the anniversary of my dad's death when we had those -30 wind chills this week. I cleared away the deep snow from the headstones. When I was trying to get back to my car and having a hard time on the icy snow. Carl N., a grounds keeper, saw me while he was cleaning snow off the road. He brought his truck,which was a section away from me, and got out and came way up to help me. I'm old and I fall. If I had fallen, I am unable to get up on my own and probably would have frozen to death there, as there were no other people in the cemetery. He held on to me and walked me to my car. Thank you Carl N. for being so gracious and going beyond the call of duty! E.F


Forever grateful for our loving help in March and afterwards, 2014

The G. Family

During the memorial and funeral of my brother on 11-30 & 12-01-14 I was very impressed with the attention and constant support we received from your employee/rep. Paul who was easy-going and always had a good attitude, making our sad experience more bearable.


Dear Jill - Thank you so much for all you did to make a difficult part of my journey go smoothly. You went out of your way to bring us a feeling of calm and peace. My family and I sincerely appreciate all you did. Have a happy thanksgiving and a very blessed Christmas.


Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and professionalism in providing a beautiful service for L.

The B. Family

Hello Barbara - L. and I were at my parents grave site yesterday, in remembrance of my mother, but after your work hours. Thus we're sending this photo on to you so as to express our appreciation for the extra forget-me-not packets you provided us for my mother E.'s memorial celebration. We wish to also thank you for the ground leveling that was accomplished at my parent's grave site.

L. & J. P.

Thanks for your assistance in this - planning ahead is good, I guess, to contain costs and arrange for burial, a sure thing. Looking forward to our home in Heaven with God, and a resting place in our home state- Ohio. Appreciated talking with you.


Dear Norma - We would like to thank you for your support and kind words during the difficult time 2 weeks ago. You are all very caring and compassionate.


"Tim: I want to thank you for everything you've done to help me through this time. I know that I will have more peace of mind with C.'s new resting place.

T. LS.

Norma - Here are the three pics to go in Dad's grave with his ashes. I thank you so much for doing that on June 9th. I really appreciate you miss you, love you. God Bless. Just unable to make the journey as you know.


We recently buried my father in your cemetery this past October after he suddenly passed away. Our person of contact with the cemetery is Norma. And let me just say, she has been wonderful in her support to myself as well as the rest of my family. In an industry related to death as cemeteries are, I must say our experience as been quite refreshing. I imagine like any other career, the day in, day out routine can become quite mundane. However, this doesn't seem to be the case with Norma. I do hope the others in your office that we haven't had the opportunity to meet with, share the same care and respect to the families of those lost. We buried my father on your grounds because the plots were given to my parents. However, numerous more plots have been purchased by other members of the family, myself for one, because we want to be there. So thank you for approaching these matters with the care and concern they deserve.


Dear John - Even though we are saddened by Dad's death we want to thank you for the beautiful way his life was honored. Your support prior to the funeral helped to ease my stress during that difficult time. Please again give Jan our utmost thanks for the amazing DVD tribute. John - your attention to detail was outstanding.


Yesterday I was at your beautiful chapel for E's services. The dove release was so touching and special. I never saw that before.


Dear John, Our most heartfelt thanks for helping us make the right decisions as we struggled to lay our beloved grandson to rest. The kindness you and your staff showed to us will forever remain close to our hearts. Sincerely,

The H. Family

Sunset Memorial Staff, “Sometimes there just aren’t enough words to describe the appreciation. Thank you so much.”

The family of N.M.