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Floral Regulations

Only Fresh Cut Flowers are Permitted in the Mausoleums.

When weather permits, the water spigots throughout the Park are on May 1st to November 1st.

Fresh cur flowers are always permitted on graves. Cut flowers should only be placed in the bronze vase built in to the memorial or in a disposable 'pick" vase. During the winter months, all bronze vases should remain recessed in the memorials because of possible ice damage. Disposable "pick" vases may be used and should be inserted securely into the ground. Potted plants, ornamental vases, flower pots, and baskets are not permitted on graves.

March 1st - November 1st

Only Fresh cut flowers are permitted on graves. The flowers will be removed when they become wilted and unsightly.

November 1st - March 1st

 Wreathes or other appropriate artificial decorations will be allowed on graves. All artificial decorations should carry a weatherproof tag indicating the name of the deceased, section, lot and grave number. All decorations must be securely anchored in the ground.

Planting, digging or placement of shells, gravel or decorative rock is not permitted around memorials or on graves.

The Superintendent of Sunset Memorial Park is charged with the responsibility or removing all decorations that do not conform to the above regulations.