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  • Dear Valerie, Thanks so much for your patience and understanding. You took a difficult situation and you made it simple and easy. We do so appreciate how you generously shared your time with us. I know we made the right decision and look forward to working with you as we progress toward the completion of our arrangements. We love you In peace and joy
  • Norma, I know this is an unfortunate way to meet but we wanted to let you know it was a pleasure working with you and you made it much less stressful time for all of us
    B.W + R & C.S
  • Jason, Thank you for taking the time with us last evening. I know we were a challenge for maintaining focus. Like many, we had been planning to take the step of pre-planning, but had just not taken the plunge. I think for me, I was just afraid of the cost. Well, surprisingly, I did not have the sticker shock that I had anticipated. I think the payment option took some of the sting out of it. For some reason, out of ignorance I suppose, it just didn't occur to me that you folks would take payments. Go figure! Gratefully, J.S
  • Dear Rebecca, From our hearts, we want to thank you for your kindness, giving spirit, compassion and gentle support during a time that is so painful for families. You have a special way of connecting that makes a difference. Your human heart helped heal ours. We are so sorry for the loss of your uncle. We will never forget your presence throughout our journey . We know A is in a better place. Just thinking about your kindness brings a smile to my face. thank you so much.
  • Dear Rebecca, Thank you so much for getting my heart back, I really really appreciate it! You are wonderful. R.M
  • Dear Barbara, Today marks exactly one year since my mothers passing. Having had mom's funeral arrangements pre planned was such a blessing for our family. This brief note is to again state how pleased we have been for the Sunset Memorial staff and the contacts we had right after mom's passing and since that time. Appreciatively, J.P
    L & J.P
  • Dear Sir: Andy helped us in mid-Feb to bury our mother, L.C. Andy was great, absolutely perfect in every way. He especially ensured everyone was safe when we moved the ceremony to inside. J.S
  • I visited my family's graves on the anniversary of my dad's death when we had those -30 wind chills this week. I cleared away the deep snow from the headstones. When I was trying to get back to my car and having a hard time on the icy snow. Carl N., a grounds keeper, saw me while he was cleaning snow off the road. He brought his truck,which was a section away from me, and got out and came way up to help me. I'm old and I fall. If I had fallen, I am unable to get up on my own and probably would have frozen to death there, as there were no other people in the cemetery. He held on to me and walked me to my car. Thank you Carl N. for being so gracious and going beyond the call of duty! E.F
  • This is a long-overdue note. One day last Fall, I dropped into your facility. I was greeted by and spent a great deal of time with a young man, Jason Brayton. I explained I had already made plans for my wake/memorial Mass/cremation. I told him I was there to get information about a burial plot. He was totally professional, knowledgeable and kind. He took me to view different areas where my remains could either be buried or placed above ground. I told him I had to have 'the conversation' with my only child and let her know of my wishes re cremation and I would then call him. Life dealt our family a huge blow in the form of a suicide of a young family member a couple of weeks later. In the aftermath of the death, my extended family learned that I didn't have a plot and I was given one. In the meantime, your representative, Jason Brayton periodically called and left nicely worded messages and also he wrote a nice letter. I finally stopped being impolite and called and told him about my changed circumstances. He was gracious and understanding. I have told so very many of my friends about this VERY POSITIVE experience and hope that this will influence people to think of your facilities in their times of need. Sincerely, S.S
  • Forever grateful for our loving help in March and afterwards, 2014
    The G. Family