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  • Forever grateful for our loving help in March and afterwards, 2014
    The G. Family
  • Gentleman - I am writing to you on behalf of my brother and I to give you our appreciation and thanks. Our parents, E. and G.C., are buried in Lawn F Space A, Crypt 174. Since neither my brother nor I live in the Cleveland area, we usually only visit our parents grace twice a year - before Memorial Day and before Christmas. When we visited this last Memorial Day, it was shortly after heavy rains had gone through your area. Our parents marker was completely in the mud. A nice young man helped us scrape the mud and make it as presentable as possible under the circumstances. Last week, we made our Christmas visit and we were pleasantly surprised and pleased to find all the markers in the area had been raised and leveled. In addition, the whole area had been re-seeded. We are relieved to know that you continue to uphold your excellent standards for maintaining our parents final resting place.
  • During the memorial and funeral of my brother on 11-30 & 12-01-14 I was very impressed with the attention and constant support we received from your employee/rep. Paul who was easy-going and always had a good attitude, making our sad experience more bearable.
  • Dear Mr. Bokas: This is a letter of sincere appreciation for all you and your staff did to help in the final arrangements for R.B. R. was the young man who passed away from an overdose. He was without funds and family did not plan to claim his body by ensuring R. would end up away from home in a mass grave. I contacted Dostal Bokas Funeral Services to enquirer how much it would cost to have R. cared for and buried at Sunset Memorial. I spoke with Jill Serrano and explained the situation. She said she would get back with me after speaking with you. She told me of your various generous offer for helping out. I felt a great weight lift right off my shoulders after speaking with her. She was awesome! I came in to meet Jill and speak with Terri Trombino about what you were willing to provide for R. Both women were compassionate, professional and easy to talk to. They walked me through what would happen and when. They helped me with decisions that needed to be made. As complications arose, they handled them with extreme patience and professionalism. The service for R. was exactly what I'd hoped for. I want you to know how grateful I am for all your assistance. I truly couldn't have done it without your very generous support. When prayers are said around our Thanksgiving table this year, you and all your staff will certainly be included in mine.
  • Dear Jill - Thank you so much for all you did to make a difficult part of my journey go smoothly. You went out of your way to bring us a feeling of calm and peace. My family and I sincerely appreciate all you did. Have a happy thanksgiving and a very blessed Christmas.
  • Dear Mr. John Bokais & Mr. Bryn Bracaski, We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the funeral services provided this past weekend honoring the recently deceased J.F.. My family would like to express our sincere gratitude towards the Funeral Director, Rebecca Mahall, and the rest of the Sunset Staff. Ms. Mahall was extremely attentive to any family request and was dedicated in providing a warm professional atmosphere during this difficult time. Sunset should be proud of their dedicated employees such as Ms. Mahall and the service they provide while enhancing the reputation of Sunset Memorial Foundation. Once again we thank Ms. Mahall and the Sunset staff.
    B. DP
  • Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and professionalism in providing a beautiful service for L.
    The B. Family
  • Hello. On Sept. 4th I was visiting my wife and father to put flowers and to see how there sites were doing. After I had seen my father I went to see my wife. For a couple of years now her stone has been tilting. While I was there I flagged down one of your trucks to let someone know about my concerns. A young man came over and I explained what was wrong, he went to his truck brought some shovels and topsoil and righted the stone as well as put some dirt around to secure it.I was so touched by his concern, kindness and how polite he was that I called the office and talked to Barbara, to let someone know. I told my children and family of my experience.This young man as well as your staff are to be congratulated. thankyou
  • Hello Barbara - L. and I were at my parents grave site yesterday, in remembrance of my mother, but after your work hours. Thus we're sending this photo on to you so as to express our appreciation for the extra forget-me-not packets you provided us for my mother E.'s memorial celebration. We wish to also thank you for the ground leveling that was accomplished at my parent's grave site.
    L. & J. P.
  • Dear Sandy - We have shared two very important events in my life. First our clinicals in Albany - then the sudden and very sad passing of my husband. You have been so very kind and attentive in regards to your headstone. I thank you so very much for your kindness.