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  • Norma, Thank you sounds so insignificant of words to describe all you have done for us. The loss of our son has been overwhelming to say the least. Our family will never be the same, but in time we will honor him + move forward, remember him & his remarkable life. He was a great person! You & you alone made navigating funeral arrangements possible. ou & the team took great care of our family. all the little extra touches meant so much. I now know why you are so good at your job. You provide comfort when no comfort can be found. Sunset & your families are lucky to have you at there side. I appreciate your time & friendship: you have provided us with a rock to lean on. Thank you for taking such great care of our son & spending time with him when we were not there. I trusted you with my most precious son & you took great care of him. In my lifetime I will never be able to repay you for what you helped us get thru. we would not have navigated & survived this nightmare without your guidance & support. All our love & gratitude - The R Family
    The R Family
  • Norma, Thank you so very much for the kindness + support you've given to our family during out time of grief. We appreciate all you've done to help us through the process. You are so sweet + we again, thank you for the thoughtfulness you've given us. Sincerly, J.G & Family
    J.G + Family
  • Norma, You walked with J & I thought some trying times with kindness and caring. Thank you for all the time you spent to make J's wishes met and such a lovely service, I was touched. God bless you dear. S.K
  • Thank you, thank you , thank you for all your help, the pictures and the follow up!! I'm very pleased that you were able to get it installed before June 13th! You are wonderful! M.G
  • Dear Bob, Thank you for your kindness and compassion during an unexpected and difficult time. You enfolded us in your warmth, understanding and gentle heart as we walked through all the decisions that needed to me made. I especially send a heartfelt thank you for making this experience something i can remember with easing the pain of loss and being comforted in knowing i made the right decisions. God Bless You, J.M & Family
  • Dear Mr. Baker- A beautiful day a beautiful tribute It touched my heart What a lovely place for a memorial & a remembrance. A few simple words of praise & a quite moment of prayer. My family thanks you too for the beautiful tribute. We are all very proud. Thank you so much. Sincerely, D.G
  • Dear Rebeca - Thank you or meeting Louise and me on Saturday April 25th. For being there with the "urn." The printing of the urn and the urn itself is beautiful. I', pleased with it and all your effort.
  • Dear Valerie, Thanks so much for your patience and understanding. You took a difficult situation and you made it simple and easy. We do so appreciate how you generously shared your time with us. I know we made the right decision and look forward to working with you as we progress toward the completion of our arrangements. We love you In peace and joy
  • Norma, I know this is an unfortunate way to meet but we wanted to let you know it was a pleasure working with you and you made it much less stressful time for all of us
    B.W + R & C.S
  • Jason, Thank you for taking the time with us last evening. I know we were a challenge for maintaining focus. Like many, we had been planning to take the step of pre-planning, but had just not taken the plunge. I think for me, I was just afraid of the cost. Well, surprisingly, I did not have the sticker shock that I had anticipated. I think the payment option took some of the sting out of it. For some reason, out of ignorance I suppose, it just didn't occur to me that you folks would take payments. Go figure! Gratefully, J.S